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PostSubject: NEW PLAYERS - APPLICATION PROCESS   Thu Jun 26, 2008 1:50 pm

Welcome to Chasing Doom!

We have been MMOing since Beta WoW. CD has been a succesful guild for over two years on the Emerald Dream server. Several Core members branched off from WoW seeking to quench their thirst with the blood of thier enemy (goonies.) We are looking for strong players that are REQUIRED to:

1.Be interested in helping us progress in any and all the ways they possibly can.

2.Want to PvP and most importantly kill Goons. We will update this one Funcom updates the PvP system.

3.Help build up our city and eventually gain a Battlekeep and strive to keep it and attack other Battlekeeps. This involves gathering resources and money for the guild and advancing in your crafting proffesion if you have one.

4. Help others level and be an active and social member in the guild. This is extremely important for advancing in our other goals. You get what you give.

5.Respect your guild members. If you are a guild officer and you offend a recruit in a rude manner (containing no humor or reason) you will recieve the same punishment as if that recruit offends you. Keep it cool, it's a game, constructive criticism is great but if you have a problem with another guild member it is between you and them.

6.Have fun and most importantly don't interfere with anothers fun.

If you need to discuss these rules send a tell to an officer.

If you are interested in Chasing Doom and share our goals and interests these are the steps that are we highly recommend you take:

- Register to our site by clicking the link at the top of the page.

- Put in an application in the Application thread that includes your:

- Character name
- Character level
- Character class
- Character race
- Previous guild(s) you were in
- Previous MMO's you have played
- What interests you in this game (PvP, PvE, killing Goons)
- What you want to get out of Chasing Doom
- How you can contribute to our guild
- Any players that you know already in our guild

A recruiting officer will look for all of these areas of information when viewing your application.

- Contact an officer in game and tell them that you are interested in Chasing Doom and have put in an application on our site. Your invite will come much faster if you contact an officer after you have already put in an application. We love players that make good applications.

- Find us in game and try to group with us. The easiest way to do this is tell one of our guild members around your level that you are a recruit and would like to group with them for leveling or an instance. We want to see how you play and if we can count on you in groups and as a guild member.

-Get on our vent server! Its a lot of fun and us getting to know you makes it much easier to be sure we will be happy inviting you to the Guild. You can find vent info in the Info thread or PM a guild member.

-Wait. Patience is important in the recruiting process. We try and get all our recruits into the guild as quickly as possible.

We hope to see you in game.

- Twisted Evil Baine Twisted Evil

Spellweaving Tip #41:

When in doubt, spellweave and blame your death on the healer.
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